Crisis Management

It’s not what you say about yourself that matters, but rather what others say about you.

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Whether it’s The New York Times calling us “The City’s Most Prominent Crisis Management Firm,” or Fortune calling our chairman “The Winston Wolf of Public Relations,” comparing him to the fictional “fixer” in the film “Pulp Fiction,” the results Sitrick has achieved for its clients have been the subject of numerous newspaper, magazine and television stories.

More importantly, the results Sitrick achieves for its clients is the reason advisors and clients with whom the firm has previously worked refer us to new clients and why Sitrick has historically been the first choice for companies and individuals facing reputational damage or in some cases freedom-threatening or life or death situations. Our practice is literally worldwide, in the United States, throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

As mentioned on the About page of our website, crisis management matters with which we have been involved span the spectrum. They include reputation management, mergers and acquisitions, data breaches, financial restatements and litigation support of all kinds: intellectual property matters, allegations of stock manipulation, wrongful termination, claims involving contract disputes, allegations of fraud and fraudulent inducement, wrongful death claims, allegations of illegal drug use and a variety of other white-collar crimes, criminal and civil cases against companies and their executives for such things as price fixing, insurance fraud, options backdating and antitrust violations, race and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, racism and even rape. We have done extensive work combating short sellers, handling product recalls, extremely sensitive environmental matters, racketeering cases, executive departures either through termination or otherwise, professional, college and high school sports issues, family disputes, and high-profile divorces.