With a team of communications professionals who can draw upon decades of senior-level corporate experience, Sitrick And Company has helped hundreds of companies — large and small, publicly traded and privately held — draft press releases, review and edit SEC filings, develop or refocus their corporate images, draw notice to accomplishments that were not getting the attention they deserved, and recover from disappointing news. By working with the client to develop clearly defined objectives, Sitrick executives practice a genuinely strategic brand of public relations in which long-term goals are never sacrificed for the sake of short-term gains.

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Sitrick And Company has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, and proxy contests — both friendly and hostile, on offense and defense, LBOs, and IPOs. In addition to providing strategic counsel, we provide message development, communications materials for all key audiences, the creation and maintenance of websites and the development and implementation of social media strategy. Where the firm is perhaps best recognized for its expertise in this area is in its development and implementation of media strategy. Just two examples: in a defense against a hostile takeover, the firm’s media strategy resulted in the pursuer dropping its bid within 48 hours; in an offensive position, the media strategy we developed resulted in the target capitulating in about the same amount of time. On friendly transactions, communications is critical in ensuring an effective integration process. We have extensive experience in helping our clients achieve the desired result there too.


Our firm has extensive experience in corporate governance, both advising clients and through our chairman serving as head of a corporate governance committee on a publicly-traded board. At a time when “transparency” is an inescapable buzz word and concern over corporate governance has moved from obscure MBA seminars to the front pages of the nation’s newspapers, Sitrick And Company’s is well-qualified to provide advice and counsel and develop and execute effective communication strategies related to a wide range of corporate governance issues, ranging from shareholder rights and corporate disclosure to compensation and executive


Sitrick And Company has represented a wide variety of clients in anti-trust cases. The firm represents companies seeking to persuade regulators to allow them to pursue mergers and acquisitions and companies that want to block combinations by their competitors. In each case, the firm works closely with its clients and their legal counsel to develop forceful arguments that resonate with their stakeholders


Sitrick And Company has represented hundreds of clients involved in high-stakes intellectual property litigation in Federal and State courts, often with parallel proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trade Office and the International Trade Commission. Its assignments often involve translating complex high-technology patent language into persuasive positions that allow the media, shareholders and legislators to understand the enormous consequences of individual patent decisions. Strategy it has developed has resulted in numerous situations where defendants have settled cases within days after the lawsuit was filed and media stories hit the web and the papers. The firm has handled cases in the U.S., Europe


There is a very simple reason why some companies’ stocks perform well even in a bear market: investors understand where the companies are headed, and they want to be a part of their future. Sitrick And Company combines traditional Investor Relations activities with access to the media and the ability to get a client’s story told. The firm does this by helping clients formulate a clear and concise message — and then working to make sure that message is reported in timely, well-positioned stories in major media outlets.

In addition to its media expertise, Sitrick And Company provides all of the “standard” Investor Relations services — drafting and disseminating press releases, planning and organizing road shows, providing market intelligence, and preparing annual reports and other presentation materials to reach all financial audiences, including brokers, fund managers, analysts, and private investors.

Given the specialized nature of its practice, Sitrick’s Investor Relations activities frequently complement other strategic communications assignments the firm may undertake for a client. Sitrick’s Investor Relations professionals create comprehensive programs for clients emerging from Chapter 11 to cultivate an informed and supportive market for their new common stock. The firm also conducts in-depth market perception surveys for clients that are weathering a crisis in order to assess how investment professionals perceive the situation. On that basis, Sitrick then develops key messages that address leading issues and concerns.