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Consistently Ranked Among the Nation’s Top Strategic Communications Firms

Sitrick And Company is not a traditional public relations firm. Our practice has a specialized focus. Although we are best known for our work in sensitive situations, we have an extensive and successful practice in corporate, financial, transactional and crisis communications. Over the past 32 years, we have provided counsel and services to help launch companies, support or defend against litigation, combat short-sellers, deal with data breaches and a myriad of other events that affected or could affect our clients’ business value, market value and overall reputation. We have offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Since our firm’s founding, we have been consistently ranked among the top crisis and strategic communications firms in the nation. The New York Times called us “The City’s Most Prominent Crisis Management Firm.”

Our clients include and have included both large and small companies – publicly and privately held – as well as universities and colleges, a number of government agencies and high-profile individuals in the business, sports and entertainment industries, as well as government officials. A list of current and former clients for which our work has been public is available elsewhere on our website.

Matters with which we have been involved span the spectrum. They include reputation management, mergers and acquisitions, data breaches, financial restatements and litigation support of all kinds: intellectual property matters, allegations of stock manipulation, wrongful termination, claims involving contract disputes, allegations of fraud and fraudulent inducement, wrongful death claims, allegations of illegal drug use and a variety of other white-collar crimes, criminal and civil cases against companies and their executives for such things as price fixing, insurance fraud, options backdating and antitrust violations, race and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, racism and even rape. We have done extensive work combating short sellers, handling product recalls, extremely sensitive environmental matters, racketeering cases, executive departures either through termination or otherwise, professional, college and high school sports issues, family disputes, and high-profile divorces.

We have also developed and implemented the communications for the launch of new firms, including two investment management firms that today have more than $100 billion in assets under management. Work we have done to align perception with reality contributed to one client doubling its market capitalization in less than two years and doubling it again two years later. Another saw its shareholders realize approximately 50-times their return over the years, with the companies ultimately being split and sold for close to $10 billion.

And then there is the issue of digital media, social media and blogs, website design and management, where, quite frankly, we believe the results we have achieved for our clients are unsurpassed. We have used the internet not only in litigation, but in proxy contests on both offense and defense. The firm’s digital media team is led by an executive who directed online initiatives for Premiere Radio, one of the nation’s top syndicators of radio programs. The team has orchestrated such high-profile campaigns as the withhold vote effort launched by Roy Disney against Michael Eisner, then the head of the Walt Disney Company, and the defense of Patricia Dunn, former chair of HP, who was indicted for allegedly spying on her board. All charges were dropped.

All of our people are broadly experienced professionals, most with both media and senior-level corporate experience. Sitrick And Company’s executives have served as officers, directors, managers and Board Members of both private and publicly-traded companies. Its professional staff includes executives with both corporate and media experience, including former senior executives of Fortune 500 companies and editors and reporters from such news organizations as The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones News Service, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Los Angeles Times, Forbes and CBS and NBC Television news – to name just a few. Senior executives also include a retired US Army three-star general and a former litigator from one of Los Angeles’ leading law firms.

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Mike Sitrick

Michael S. Sitrick

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sitrick And Company

Michael Sitrick is the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sitrick And Company. An internationally recognized expert in the strategic use of communications, Mr. Sitrick has been the subject of numerous articles focusing on the results he has achieved for clients.