Labor Issues

Whether it’s a full-scale corporate campaign, contentious contract negotiations or opposition to work-rules changes, increasingly sophisticated legislative, regulatory, legal, communications and economic tactics are being used to capture popular sentiment and force a result. In the process corporate brands, reputations and goodwill are often devalued and shattered.

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Sitrick and Company’s unique combination of strategic communications, media and organizing savvy, coupled with the firm’s litigation support expertise, has often proved to be decisive in situations involving organized labor and activist groups. The firm’s successful use of messaging, media and constituency building have been key to neutralizing opposition, getting out the truth and preserving corporate value.

We work with clients and their legal advisors to create communications that resonate with target audiences; implement activities that enhance the credibility of the company’s messages and engage third parties to underscore and propel the message. Our people have been in the trenches, whether as reporters, management or logistical experts or attorneys waging campaigns to protect or take back companies from labor-led coalitions, unions and activists; and conversely, bringing credibility to organizations and their campaigns.

Our approach involves:

  • Driving media and opinion-leader awareness through aggressive outreach.
  • Implementing coalition communication campaigns including earned media, paid media, direct contact and online strategies.
  • Identifying, recruiting and coordinating with third-party allies and develop communications strategies to guide coalition efforts.

Given the nature of corporate campaigns, an effective response demands an approach that refutes any inaccurate or misleading information disseminated by the other side, discloses relevant information and then communicates it to key constituents in a hard-hitting, innovative exchange. Just as critical, if not more so, is the ability to sufficiently understand the nuances of the process and act quickly to neutralize the opposition, break the cycle of negative messaging and reframe the debate.

Sitrick professionals work hand-in-hand with clients’ management and labor relations teams, legal counsel and other advisors to overcome the increasingly sophisticated, campaign-style tactics used by institutions, corporations and unions to press their position.