Meet the 23 most powerful fixers in PR

Mike Sitrick

Sitrick and Company’s founder, Chairman and CEO, Mike Sitrick, was recently featured in the Business Insider article, Meet the 23 most powerful fixers in PR. The list includes in-house communications executives and CEOs of the world’s biggest agencies who represent companies such as McDonald’s, Amazon, Facebook, and others.

From Business Insider:

ABC News’ Food Lion segment has become a lesson to aspiring journalists in how not to do investigative reporting — and Sitrick is largely the reason behind that.

After ABC News criticized the supermarket chain’s food-handling practices, Sitrick used the broadcaster’s outtakes to undermine the story. ABC eventually paid Food Lion $5.5 million in punitive damages.

Today, Sitrick’s clients range from disgraced celebrities, financial heavyweights, and religious organizations that pay him a whopping $1,100 an hour for his advice on handling the media.

In the past year, he represented PIMCO cofounder Bill Gross in a messy divorce battle and the Diocese of Rockville, which filed for Chapter 11 to handle legal expenses and settlements with abuse survivors.

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Mike Sitrick

Michael Sitrick is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sitrick And Company. An internationally recognized expert in the strategic use of communications, Mr. Sitrick has been the subject of numerous articles focusing on the results he has achieved for clients.