“The Wizard of Spin” From Los Angeles Times

Michael S. Sitrick was more than willing to try to orchestrate this story. After all, it’s what he does.

Within hours of hearing that an article about his pricey public relations firm was in the works, Sitrick was on the telephone lining up satisfied clients to sing his praises.

He volunteered to drive to a reporter’s office, where he breezed through an interview, artfully recasting negative questions to keep from getting cornered and occasionally ducking into the safe harbor of off-the-record rather than issue a stodgy “no comment.”

Smiling confidently into a newspaper photographer’s camera, Sitrick half-jokingly suggested that a serious pose might be better for a guy who makes a living dealing with crises.

It was all part of what this media doctor regularly prescribes for businesses and Hollywood stars that are making financial news–or who have one foot in bankruptcy or criminal court.

“If the story is going to be done,” Sitrick said, “it’s suicidal not to talk to the media.”

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