Mike Sitrick’s Ten Rules of Engagement to Fix Any Scandal

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will tell it for you. Even the richest and most famous people and the largest corporate behemoths, however impervious to attack they may seem, can be crushed. The controversy and conversation will rage on with or without you. Today the bigger risk usually lies in responding inadequately or failing to respond at all. Most times, you must engage.

Rule 1: First, get the facts: First, I had to find out whether what was being said about my new client was true. If not, then what were the facts? How do we go about correcting the record so the wrong story doesn’t keep getting repeated, and then how do we get a compelling, fact-based counter-narrative that tells the correct facts? And where do we place that story?

Rule 2: Identify your objective: In training my people to figure out the real problem they are trying to solve, I have them ask four key questions: 1) What is the client’s objective? 2) How can we use our skills to contribute to achieving that objective? 3) What is the best strategy to bring to this situation? 4) So what? Why should anyone care?

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