Cyber Crisis Management During an Insider Threat Incident

By: Team ObserveIT – September 30, 2019

In a perfect world, incident response efforts would be handled quietly, without the need for cyber crisis management. Unfortunately, the pace of high profile Insider Threat incidents doesn’t show any signs of slowing down (particularly with new disclosure requirements for GDPR and other regulations). In the event of a media crisis, your organization may consult with outside legal and communications counsel to determine how best to proceed. 

In our latest installment of the Professionals Series, we talk to David Churbuck, cybersecurity crisis expert at Sitrick And Company and founding editor of, about the cross-disciplinary practice of incident response.

Prep and Planning is Crucial

According to Churbuck, proper preparation and planning for an Insider Threat incident response is one of the most crucial steps that many companies neglect — until it’s too late. “All too often the response team is assembled after an incident happens,” he says. “But, a lot of the decision-making and approval processes for matters like public disclosures should be put into motion far in advance.” 

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