Digital Communications

As traditional media fragments and new online publishers pop up daily, the need to skillfully propagate messages across social and digital platforms becomes vital. Sitrick And Company is a pioneer in harnessing digital media to help clients reach specific audiences. As with our approach to traditional media, we build digital aspects into almost every case.


Sitrick And Company’s digital communications, social media and video practice is well-known for its disciplined and effective approach to all aspects of online and video communications, incorporating strategic messaging, online investigation and technological integration. We have a staff of professionals who, using state of the art techniques:

  • Design, develop and maintain tactical, advocacy, and brand websites
  • Develop and implement social media accounts and campaigns
  • Practice search engine optimization and search result remediation
  • Online reputation management
  • Address and correct online errors – including those on blogs, online news stories and Wikipedia
  • And act as a rapid response team for the analysis and implementation of digitally focused messaging

As just a few examples: Our digital communications, social media and video practice has played a key role in winning and defeating proxy contests, demonstrating that criminal charges were false (resulting in charges being dropped), helping win and defeat union organizing efforts, helping companies bringing litigation to convince defendants to settle, demonstrating that allegations about high profile individuals were false and restoring their reputations, demonstrating that information disseminated by short sellers was false, demonstrating that information about to be published by a major news organization was false, providing counsel on cyber crisis incidents and data breaches, defending against online reputation and boycott attacks, helping to defeat potential legislation and helping major politicians, celebrities and sports figures deal with highly sensitive situations.