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Tony spent 25 years as a reporter and editor for Southern California newspapers prior to joining Sitrick And Company in 1997, serving as Regional Editor and then City Editor of the Los Angeles Daily News.

During his 14 years at the Daily News, he also served as the paper’s lead investigative reporter on urban affairs and environmental issues. Prior to that, he served as a cinematographer and news film editor for WTVN-TV in Columbus, Ohio. While at Sitrick, Tony has been involved in a wide range of major litigation support cases involving white collar criminal defense, mass tort defense, product liability and recalls. He also has broad experience in litigation and regulatory issues involving drug companies, health insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare providers. Tony has represented hospitals in cases involving acquisitions, bond financing, civil regulatory actions and patient lawsuits. He has provided strategic counsel to some of the nation’s largest health insurance companies facing mass tort actions and/or lawsuits from regulators as well as political issues. And he has represented leading medical researchers and surgeons in defamation and publishing disputes as well as a controversy over organ transplants. His cases include PacifiCare’s claims adjudication litigation in Texas; and WellPoint’s defense of rescission–related litigation and regulatory action; Chevron Phillips’ defense of a $400-million wrongful-death lawsuit; Mega Brands’ product recall and defense of product liability claims; Miami defense attorney Roy Black’s successful defense of Rush Limbaugh; the defense of Broadcom co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III on options backdating charges; Halliburton’s proposed universal asbestos settlement; Solutia’s PCB litigation defense; San Gabriel Water Quality Authority’s Superfund litigation, and Greka Oil’s regulatory issues with U.S. EPA. Tony has represented numerous other clients in cases dealing with federal legislative and regulatory issues, such as SEC rules, consumer product safety, drug and supplement safety, control of internet piracy and copyright protection, aviation regulations and industrial workplace safety regulations.

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