Lew Phelps


Lew Phelps

Lew Phelps joined Sitrick And Company in 1998, bringing to the firm two decades of experience as head of the public relations departments for three large Fortune 100 companies (Southern California Edison, Southern Pacific Company and Norfolk Southern Corp.). He also spent a decade as a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal, including four years as the paper’s railroad industry beat reporter. His client involvement at Sitrick primarily includes crisis management, strategic financial and investor communications, and litigation support.

His crisis management experience includes handling toxic chemical spills, plant explosions, railroad derailments, executive bigamy, environmental contamination, food product contamination, nuclear reactor incidents, sexual harassment and abuse claims, a Mexican drug gang factory takeover, attempted extortion and blackmail, cyber-crime, and fake news planted by short sellers, to cite a small portion of the cases in which he has been involved.

His litigation support assignments include intellectual property cases in behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, anti-trust cases, environmental issues, contested mergers, and proxy fights. He has counseled companies embroiled in SEC investigations involving stock options backdating, accounting issues that were deliberately concealed by prior management, alleged accounting irregularities by current management, insider trading issues, and alleged factual miscommunication in a contested merger case.

Mr. Phelps is a graduate of Pomona College in Claremont, California. He served as communications officer on a U.S. Navy ammunition ship during the Vietnam conflict. He is a licensed amateur radio operator, and is chair of the board of directors of a national health care-related organization, the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation.

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